The Little Thief

Last year I found these wonderful blueberry scented lard pellets to feed the hungry birds at the end of winter. Spring was just arriving. We had a warm day and I went out on the BBQ and cooked some steaks that smelled just wonderful. But little did I know, I had a large sleepy neighbor with big paws and big teeth that had just woken up.

Lo and behold, I wasn’t the only one hungry that day. My muse, sent me multiple visits from a large bear. Up and down our walk. Checking out our driveway. He even climbed over our 6 foot fence and trashed the bird feeder, and then took a happy nap.

The dog, who barks at leaves falling, slept blissfully through it all.

I thought you might like to meet the original model sent by my muse.

The Brewster Bear

Having been sent my inspiration I got to work on a painting. I decided that since I sometimes have foxes visit as well I should include one of them. This is a fairly large painting, oil on canvas.

The Little Thief by Judy Challis

I’ve had a chat with my muse and asked if she might please, not send me inspiration, that should I trip over it, could eat me. She said, perhaps…..