Addiction-Yes I Have an Addiction

I confess, I am addicted to paint brushes.  I love each and every one and cannot help but click “buy” every-time I see a new one on a website.  Here is a picture of my rapidly growing collection and a link to types of brushes and their uses.


The Growing Brush Collection







I have the exotic, like this “cat’s tongue” brush.  I read some of the old Masters used this and I just tried it today and love it.

Cat's Tongue Brush







And then there is the old paintbrush from who knows where that I found in a drawer.  It’s very useful when you want to lop a lot of paint on for a ground.   I usually underpaint most of my paintings with one color or another.  Blue if I am doing snow, yellow if I am trying to be impressionistic and so forth.

"Junk Drawer" Brush


I love the big rounds for the wonderful free strokes they make that seem to imply motion.


Round Brush







And who could forget the fan brushes for delicately putting on layers of glaze.


Fan Brush

I do have a ritual for cleaning all my brushes involving wiping, turpentine and soap and water but they get worn with use.  I think I like them better when they are a little broken in.

I have a dagger brush on order, well backorder (the dastards!) that I am awaiting.

If you have a brush or three you love, let me know.  After all you can never have too many brushes!