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The Joy of Dirty Brushes

 I read in all my intro books on painting about keeping your colors clean and not mixing your colors because they might become muddy.  I carefully used brush after brush and was careful to let layers dry and my colors were clear and wonderful.

Then my husband’s friend Pete in Australia who runs Pulsar Productions send me one of his instructional videos.  The video was by Hashim Akib and called Vibrant Acrylics.   This artist using mainly a couple of big flat brushes, dipped into multiple colors at once, created fantastic paintings. 

I had to try this.  He made it look so easy!  I decided to try to use a picture from my husband’s trip to Royal Ascot to base it on.  It is a lot harder than it looks!  I am now trying to incorporate this technique into my “style” of painting.  I find just using it alone, I tend to make things get a bit too busy.   It’s really great for skies, using a two inch flat brush, to dip in a couple of blues and a bit a white and just drag it across the canvas, dip a little differently and repeat. 

Here is my first effort.  I have to say it is harder than it looks. 


Spirit of the Race