About the Muse

Humans ask me why I bark.  I do not bark I sing.  I sing the moon up into the sky and the sun into its bed.  I sing a song that brings the winter winds that blow the snow and the warm winds of spring.   Without my song there would be no day, no night, no seasons.   The Pyrs of the world sing very existence into being.  Do not complain when I sing.

I also guard the dreams of humans.  I chase away the bad ones and herd the good and inspiring ones toward them.  I am most busy at night.

I watch over those who cannot defend themselves whether they covered in fur or wool or skin.  I am Pyr.  And we do all those things.

Sad update, my white furry muse crossed the rainbow bridge in September of 2013.


But the good news is that a new one has joined me!

Gwyn in oil