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Homeward Bound

Ten years ago I was caught in a snowstorm and almost didn’t make it home for the night. I worked in a department that was considered “vital”, Public Health Protection, so when the skies darkened and others worked from home my department was required to be there.

That night the roads were too dangerous to drive. I luckily caught a train to Brewster, NY and then an intrepid cab driver took me home.

This year, we have had no snow that accumulated breaking records of the least amount of snow for 50 years. I feel the change in the weather and the times and perhaps it is just the perspective you get as you age, but I feel a change. Whether it is global warming, changing El Nino or La Nina or the move out of the Holocene to the Antropocene I don’t know. But it is change that I feel a tad uneasy about. I came across a photo I took waiting and hoping for a cab at the train station and turned it into this drawing “Homeward Bound”.

Homeward Bound

Pen and Ink, Gouche, and Mica Paints