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Underpainting, a technique of the Old Masters-A Still Life

I love to read about art and art techniques.   I’m currently in love with another man, a really creative and amusing artist.  Forturnately for my husband, this artist is quite dead so he doesn’t have to worry.  But that is a subject for another post.

 I read a book by Erik Bossik called How to Create an Underpainting Like the Old Masters: A Step-by-Step Guide.  I liked the idea of following in the footsteps of Rembrandt and others.  I found the idea romantic.   My husband came by and looked at my progress and shook his head and said, “That doesn’t look like a Rembrandt.” 

Of course not silly, I am not painting in his style but trying to use his technique.   I have to admit I spent three weeks on this.  Ack.  If I didn’t try the underpainting and the layers over it I would have finished very quickly.  But you will have to be the judge as to whether the layers “glow” from underneath and I have more texture and color depth if I had not.

So here is my reference photo.

And next the underpainting.  Wow, pretty good.  I like how this came out.


Rut roh, too much color, where’d my egg go?  Yikes what did I do?  Is there any going back or forward.  I’m a color addict!   Someone help me!

The final still life.  


 I am going to try this technique again.  I can’t really get excited about painting a still life.   But I do like how the glaze came out on the bowl.  And the egg.   Onward and upward.