The Wild Hunt

As the veil thins at Halloween (Samhain) the gods and goddess and beings between gather for the wild hunt. “The Wild Hunt”.

Art as an Anti-Aging Strategy

Contrasts and Similarities-Art Show 2017

I was very fortunate have an art show with my good friend Judika Lieberman at the Henry Hudson Library, this past September.  Here are a few of the photos.

My New Creative Venture for Geeks and the Science Minded.

I was a a dinner party the other day. I wanted to tell them all of some cutting edge research I had read about anti-aging. I started and they rolled their eyes and changed the subject. I was also reading about variable resistance and fitness and wanted to talk about muscle activation, and they poured me some wine and said, “Are you going on any trips this year?” So I want to express my geeky sciencey side. To do so I started a You Tube Channel called Lifespan and Longevity. My video skills and video editing skills are slowly improving. I now have immense respect for those delivering snappy perfectly edited videos. But I am getting there. So if you want to follow along here are a few of my posts. Subscribe to my YouTube page and follow along. Fellow geeks…join me…I know you are out there!

2017 Contemporary Work

I’ve been building on some older work and have some paintings emerging in a contemporary style. I thought I might gather the inspiration from them and gather the new works here.

Meeting the Genius








Surfing the Mindscape








The Birth of the Soul














If you like the above paintings you might want to experiment with high flow acrylic paint. The first link is for opaque high flow paints and the second transparent.


Transparent high flow


Older Works

No, I’m Not Done Yet.






The Long Journey






The The Far Shore






In Your Dreams










Nuts and Bolts-Growth and Practice -Fluid Acrylics

In order to grow as an artist you need to learn.  Sometimes you learn from classes and books and sometimes you learn by trying different things.  Doing the same thing over and over, if it is not working, is not the answer.

Lately I’ve been working in oils and playing with perspective.  But while I was online getting some supplies, I came across Golden Fluid Acrylics. I went on You Tube and found many artists doing some fantastic work with them.   One whom I find very soothing to watch is a gal MelyD.artist. She comes out with some great work as well and it’s fun to watch it develop.

So of course I had to try it as well.   I found where I wanted to take my experiments were different than the way she worked and that is how art works.  Creative efforts often spark more creative efforts.

So here is some plain acrylic paint mixed with Matte Media.  I call this one You Make my Heart Melt.







Of course I had to go on and play some more.  This one is mostly fluid acrylics with a little painting on top.  I call this one Meeting the Genius.



Conjuring the Storm



The Conversation








Surfing the Mindscape



I find I like to use these acrylics to make a complex background and then either enhance the elements with a little painting or paint over them.  It’s always fun to try a different direction.

The Catch is In!

Inspired by my husbands stories of growing up on the seaside on the south coast of England, this oil on canvas is entitled “The Catch is In!”.

Painting with a Circular Composition – The Cobb Lyme Regis – A Safe Harbor and Lavender in the Hills


This gallery contains 2 photos.

My husband is from the south coast of England and loves the area.   I decided to paint one of his favorite landmarks in the area, The Cobb.   I do have a mantra to “paint what you know” and … Continue reading

Musings-The Gwyn Dog Toy Destruction Index

gwyn-pretty As you know I am an artist but also a dog lover.   And I have the cutest sweetest looking little gal named Gwyn.   But her name really should be “Fang”.  I started taking some photos of the toys she destroys, that are sold to me as “tuff” and “indestructible”.   And I was thinking about how many people have probably brought the same toy, wasted their money and their dog had it in bits in a short time.  So I thought I would share my experiences.  You know if you have a dog that has a soft mouth and treasures their toys and gently hides them.  This post is not for you.  This post is for the pillow destroying, stick munching, toy dematerializing, stuffing strewing fiend that lives with you!

For the first toy on the list I give you this adorable pig from Tuffy’s. I have to say they tried, double stitching on the sides, multiple layers.  But after about 48 hours we had:


toy-gwyn-2toy-gwyn-3                                                                    So Tuffy’s Polly Piggy rates a sad single Fang.








Fluff and tough Clyde the Horse I’ll give a three fang rating.  Not destruction proof, but it took a couple of weeks to make it into a toy horse skin.


IMG_0907After turning my living room rug, into a sea of fluff, I decided that no toy that has a soft component is indestructible. I decided to stop taking pictures of sadly disembowled fluffy toys.   Her nose is haughtily turned up at most hard toys, so yes, I’ve thought of that.

So if you have a toy you’d like to put to the test, send me a note over on my page on facebook.  We love to have you send one to put to the test!



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