My New Creative Venture for Geeks and the Science Minded.

I was a a dinner party the other day. I wanted to tell them all of some cutting edge research I had read about anti-aging. I started and they rolled their eyes and changed the subject. I was also reading about variable resistance and fitness and wanted to talk about muscle activation, and they poured me some wine and said, “Are you going on any trips this year?” So I want to express my geeky sciencey side. To do so I started a You Tube Channel called Lifespan and Longevity. My video skills and video editing skills are slowly improving. I now have immense respect for those delivering snappy perfectly edited videos. But I am getting there. So if you want to follow along here are a few of my posts. Subscribe to my YouTube page and follow along. Fellow geeks…join me…I know you are out there!

My Favorite Art Books-Listings

There are many benefits to doing art, including improving connections in your brain.   Whether you are looking for a book to open and start doodling with while you have your coffee or advanced color theory, or a gift for an artist friend, look no further.  I have read and extensively used all of these books .  For inspiration, Winston Churchill’s little book “Painting as a Pastime” is my favorite.

Grab a cup of coffee and a few markers or pencils and you are creating!

Need a gift for a hardworking artist friend? Artists need hand cream and hand pampering!


Looking for a little advanced reading?

Inspiration-Or a great gift for your artist friends.



I haven’t used this but if you need an “instant studio” try this!

For kids



Prints for Sale!

Yes I now have prints for sale of the two paintings below.  Click on Items for Sale!

No I Won't Come In!


Tila Meditates